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Unica Journey
System requirements and compatibility
Unica Journey is part of the Unica suite of products. Unica Journey version 12.1.5 requires Unica Platform 12.1.5.
Prerequisites for Unica Journey Installation or Upgrade
Before installing Unica Journey version 12.1.5, you have to ensure that a few prerequisites are met.
New features and changes in version 12.1.5
In Unica Journey 12.1.5, we have introduced some new features, and we have made changes to some existing features or functionality.
Fixed Defects
The following table lists the defects fixed in Unica Journey 12.1.5:
Known issues
The following table lists the known issues in Unica Journey 12.1.5:
Before you contact HCL technical support
If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by referring the documentation, your company's designated support contact can log a call with HCL technical support. Use these guidelines to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and successfully.
System Requirements
Upgrade overview
An upgrade of HCL Unica products is complete when you upgrade, configure, and deploy all the HCL Unica products. The upgrade Guide provides detailed information about upgrading, configuring, and deploying the products.
Planning the Unica Journey installation 
When you plan your Unica Journey, you must ensure that you have set up your system correctly, and that you have configured your environment to deal with any failures.
Creating the Unica Journey Data Sources
You must create Unica Journey data sources before you can install Unica Journey. Complete the following steps to prepare the data sources for Unica Journey:
Installing Unica Journey
You must run the Unica installer to start the installation of Unica Journey. The Unica installer starts the product installer during the installation process. Make sure that the Unica installer and the product installer are saved at the same location.
Configuring Unica Journey
Before you deploy Unica Journey, you must set up the Unica Journey system user, set Unica Journey configuration properties, and verify the Unica Journey installation.
Deploying Unica Journey application
You can deploy the Unica Journey web application by using a WAR file or you can deploy the individual WAR files.
Uninstalling Unica Journey
Run the Unica Journey uninstaller to uninstall Unica Journey. When you run the uninstaller, the files that were created during the installation process are removed. For example, files such as configuration files, installer registry information, and user data are removed from the computer. Stop the processes that are related to Unica Journey before uninstallation.
An Introduction to Unica Journey
Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution to craft, execute, and visualize context-driven, personalized, multi-step omnichannel customer experiences.
Unica Journey integrations
Process of Starting and Stopping Journey
Journey user roles and permissions
Before you begin using Unica Journey, you should assign roles and permissions to users.
Journey interaction logging
Interaction Logging for Journey is executed as a scheduled job. The scheduling parameters are set in application.properties file of the Journey Engine. The following is an example of the setting:
Journey logging
In Journey version 12.1.2 and earlier, the property JOURNEY_LOGGING, in the journey_master_config.properties file, was only used for tracing the audience.
Journey Records Validation
When records enter a Journey, users can set validation on the records.
Journey GDPR
Kafka authentication using SSL
Configure Web Application servers Tomcat for SSL
On every application server on which a Unica application is deployed, configure the web application server to use the certificates you have decided to employ.
Mailchimp Configuration
Configuration of Mailchimp as external source with Journey.
Use the settings menu to manage the Journey integrations like Email connectors, SMS connectors, CRM connections, and REST integrations.
Journey Accelerators are prebuilt industry specific Journeys available in 12.1.1. These Journeys are built keeping customer experience in mind. These journeys will inspire marketer to create similar experiences in their environment.
Credit Card Activation
Retail Subscription Service
Facilitate brand awareness in your new customers. Customers are sent communications based on store preference, top purchase category, and preferred interest category. Customers are also encouraged to sign up for newsletters, which are personalized in real-time based on date, member level, preferred interest, and top purchase category, among other factors, such as propensity model scores. Customers who have signed up for a newsletter and have made multiple purchases are invited to sign on to one of the convenient product subscription services. This accelerator can be tailored for any customer relationship maturation journey.
Telco Handset Upgrade
Promote the benefits of a mobile phone upgrade, based on each customer’s handset preference. To monitor the promotion, track customers’ email open rates and conversion rates. This accelerator can be tailored for any upgrade or upsell promotion across industries, such as product promotions, tickets, and travel reservations.
Contactless Hotel
Provide a contactless, personalized experience for your customers. Welcome them each step of the way, from reservation to checkout by providing destination details, allowing them to set personal preferences, and recommending personalized upgrades to help them maximize their experience, all while monitoring your business goals. This accelerator can be tailored for any reservation-based or ticket-based events: room, car, vacation, events, concerts, conferences, and more.
Increase Wallet Share
Boost revenue by driving first time purchase, and increasing upsell and cross-sell purchases. This accelerator leverages gamification strategy to direct customers from their first time purchase towards a small upsell purchase, then large upsell purchase, and finally a cross-sell bundle purchase. This accelerator can be tailored for any upsell or cross-sell campaign: product upgrades, vacation upgrades and add-ons, account upgrades and add-ons.
Cart Abandonment
Increase your conversion rate. Send reminders and incentives to customers who have abandoned their cart or form submission. This accelerator can be tailored for any cart submission, application submission, or form submission: product purchase or inquiries, loan applications, profile updates.
Dynamic eNewsletter
Build brand awareness through a personalized customer e-newsletter. Incentivize customers to stay engaged by encouraging them to enroll and set personal preferences. This accelerator can be tailored for any enrollment-based newsletter.
Event Marketing
Drive ticket sales for your events. Engage your customers and resellers each step of the way with ticket purchase announcements, reminders, event teasers, and satisfaction surveys, all while monitoring your business goals. This accelerator can be tailored for any reservation-based or ticket-based events centered on specific dates: vacation packages, concerts, conferences, and more.
Prescription Home Delivery Acquisition Journey
This Journey is created in partnership with Embel Assist (https://embelassist.com).
Wellness Program Participation Journey
Drive wellness program enrollment and adoption. Members are invited to enroll and create a profile. Members are then incentivized to set and track health goals. This accelerator can be tailored for any program adoption journey.​
Cross Channel Welcome Campaign 
Send print, voice blast, email, and SMS communication streams to recent new and returning subscribers. Tailor messaging that is appropriate to the subscriber’s brand adoption experience. This accelerator can be tailored for any subscription-based welcome journey.​
Loyalty Points Club Mobile App Adoption Journey​
Increase your loyalty points club effectiveness by driving adoption of your mobile app. Send reminders, confirmation messages, and incentives to customers via mobile push. This accelerator can be tailored for any points club adoption and mobile app adoption journey.​
Steps to Import
You can Import Journey from Journey listing page. To Import a Journey, complete the following steps:
An Introduction to Unica Journey
Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution to craft, execute, and visualize context-driven, personalized, multi-step omnichannel customer experiences.
Getting started with Unica Journey
The following sections will explain the basic flow of events in designing Journeys.
Entry Sources
Entry source is the source from which you are providing data for the Journey. A Journey can have one or multiple entry sources.
Data Definitions
Data definitions are the schema of your data.
Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution to craft, execute, and visualize context-driven, personalized, multi-step omnichannel customer experiences.
Journey chaining
Unica Journey contains capabilities for drip marketing. Marketers can run different Journeys for a single audience group and serve customers with better communications in each stage of marketing.
Journey Template
Templates page lists all the saved Journey templates. Details like Template Name, Template ID, create date, Data Definition associated and preview is available on this page. Click on the Preview hyperlink to see the preview of the Journey template.
Create Stop Audience
From version 12.1.5, we have introduced a new feature named Stop Audience. You can use this feature to stop or pause the Journey for certain audiences.
Offer Integration with Journey
Journey support offer from Centralized Offer Management (COM). Offer created in COM can be directly associated in email touchpoint with Link connectors in Unica Journey.
Use the settings menu to manage the Journey integrations like Email connectors, SMS connectors, CRM connections, and REST integrations.
Basic features
The basic features are features that are accessible at any time.
Common features
Licensing Overview
What User Needs To Do?
HCL Unica customers will get a HCL License portal URL and login credentials via email. This portal will have the license entitlements allotted as per the purchase done by the customer. The customer needs to follow below mentioned steps to complete the registration process and configure the devices for HCL Unica products.
HCL License Portal
The license portal provides both Software distribution and management of your Software entitlements purchased from HCL Products and Platforms. The portal provides you with control and flexibility on how to consume your licenses. Typically, an organization will have someone identified as a License Manager that has familiarity with the language of Licenses, and you may wish to add them as a user. If not, you will find these instructions sufficient to begin using your HCL Software.
Flexnet License Server
License Models Supported with HCL Unica
HCL Unica products supports below license models.
License Configuration
User will need to configure the license with HCL Unica products before start using, when users access the Unica Platform login URL – it will get redirected to the license configuration page. The user needs to configure the license details on this page. Unica Platform will validate the license and on a successful license, the configuration user will be redirected to the Unica Marketing Platform login screen. There are two radio buttons on the License configuration screen Flexnet and Platform. Flexnet button will connect to Flexnet to consume the license and Platform option is for Master slave configuration. Slave platform will consume the license from the Master platform, so for slave platform user needs to click on the Platform radio button and enter the master platform url and credentials. Once this is done, slave platform will start consuming license from the Master platform, which in turn will consume license from Flexnet.
Logging for Licensing
Detail logging for license server connection, updates, expiry, etc. is logged in Unica Platform log file present under <PLATFORM_HOME>/logs/platform.log. Users will get warning, error, and info type messages related to licensing.