Interact Design Time Separation from Campaign

Unica Interact 12.1.6 onwards, Interact Design Time is a standalone application under Unica suite, independent of Campaign. Interact Design Time has been part of the Unica Campaign product hence tightly coupled with Campaign and uses a lot of Campaign services. After separation, Interact Design Time can function properly irrespective of Campaign is installed or not. Interact Design Time is a new application under HCL Unica having its own configurations for Security, REST API Filter configuration, UI Navigation settings etc deployed with /InteractDT as context root.

Roles and Permissions

PopulateDB utility in Unica Platform will create a new entry in the applications for InteractDT, create Admin/Execute/Review roles and move the existing Interact Design time permissions from Campaign application to InteractDT. Role type “Policy” will continue to be shared between Unica Campaign and Unica InteractDT. This utility is executed by Unica Interact Installer with InteractDT as application parameter:

PopulateDB -n InteractDT

A roles migration utility com.unicacorp.migration.upgradeTool.InteractDTRolesMigrationTask is created as part of the InteractDT Upgrade tools which performs following actions:

  • Identify all roles in Campaign that have any Interact Design Time permission(s).
  • Clone those roles with a prefix of “InteractDT” under the InteractDT application node and assign only InteractDT permissions to these new roles.
  • Identify and assign the cloned roles to the users and the user groups as they were assigned under Campaign.
  • Remove the Interact Design Time specific permissions from the Campaign roles.

UI Navigation and API Security Configuration

API security configuration under Affinium|suite|security|apiSecurity|interact will continue to be used as is.

The Product property will be updated from Campaign to InteractDT by the com.unicacorp.migration.upgradeTool.InteractDTConfigMigrationTask for the following configuration categories:

  • Affinium|suite|uiNavigation|mainMenu|Interact
  • Affinium|suite|uiNavigation|mainMenu|Analytics|Interact Analytics
  • Affinium|suite|uiNavigation|settingsMenu|interactSettingsItem

Interact Design Time Configuration

Interact Design Time configuration under Campaign, before version 12.1.6, has migrated out of Campaign node and moved to a new Interact Design Time Node.

  • Affinium|Campaign|monitoring|monitorEnabledForInteract has been migrated to Affinium|InteractDT|general|monitoring|Enabled along with port and protocol. Port number will be updated during migration to 2005 so that it does not contradict with Campaign.
  • New InteractDT home need to be set as jvm parameter INTERACTDT_HOME.
  • Admin need to manually update InteractDT URL under Affinium|interact|services|CampaignSegments instead of campaign URL.