Administer Unica Interact

When you administer Unica Interact you configure and maintain users and roles, data sources, and optional product features. You also monitor and maintain the design and runtime environments. Product-specific application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for you to use.

Administering Unica Interact consists of several tasks. These tasks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining users and roles
  • Maintaining data sources
  • Configuring Unica Interact optional offer serving features
  • Monitoring and maintaining runtime environment performance

Before you start administering Unica Interact, there are some key concepts about how Unica Interact works that you can familiarize yourself with to make your tasks easier. The sections that follow describe the administrative tasks that are associated with Unica Interact.

The second part of the administration guide describes the APIs available with Unica Interact:
  • Unica Interact API
  • ExternalCallout API
  • Learning API