Understanding the Unica Interact API

Unica Interact serves offers dynamically to a wide variety of touchpoints. For example, you can configure the runtime environment and your touchpoint to send messages to your call center employees informing them of the best up sell or cross sell prospects for a customer who has called with a specific type of service inquiry. You can also configure the runtime environment and your touchpoint to provide tailored offers to a customer (visitor) who has entered a particular area of your Web site.

The Unica Interact application programming interface (API) allows you to configure your touchpoint and a runtime server to work together to serve the best possible offers. Using the API, the touchpoint can request information from the runtime server to assign the visitor to a group (a segment) and present offers based on that segment. You can also log data for later analysis to refine your offer presentation strategies.

The Unica Interact API also allows for end-user client to server communication through JavaScript.

In order to provide you with the greatest possible flexibility in integrating Unica Interact with your environments, HCL provides a web service accessible using the Unica Interact API.

By default, all parameters are stored in the current session, hence all subsequent APIs are affected. The UACIPreRemoveParameter and UACIPostRemoveParameter parameters can be used to remove unwanted parameters from the session.

A flag transient is added to all API parameters. If a parameter's value is INVOCATION (1), then that parameter is effective only during the process of this API invocation. The default is SESSION (0).