Known issues

The following table lists issues in Interact 9.1.1.

Issue Issue ID Description
Oracle server session that is terminated by fatal error while running event pattern report acir_scripts_ora.sql. RTC173574 When you use Oracle Database 11.2.04 to run the acir_scripts_ora.sql script for an event pattern report, an exception was thrown. The script execution throws an error on the first SQL worksheet opened. If you try to run the script again in the same sheet, you need to open a new SQL worksheet where it can run successfully. Use Oracle Database 12 to avoid this known issue.
ETL does not update the process flag in UARI_DELTA_PATTERNS. RTC176401 To disable the report integration with ETL for Event Pattern reports, you must alter the trigger TR_AGGREGATE_DELTA_PATTERNS to disable on UACI_ETLPATTERNSTATERUN staging table. You must disable the report integration with ETL in Interact | ETL | patternStateETL | <patternStateETLName> | Report configuration properties to disable updates on the UARI_DELTA_PATTERN table.
Internal error null is displayed on strategy when the rule wizard creates about 250 rules RTC171779 The error message, An internal error has occurred: null, is displayed on the rules strategy wizard when you try to save a large number of rules (approximately 250 rules or more). However, the rules are successfully added.

This issue is related to a WebSphere® Application Server/DB2® deadlock scenario. You can set the isolation level to Read Committed to reduce the lock contention to fix this issue. For more information about this configuration, see

Session expires too early when WebSphere eXtreme Scale is configured RTC174705 When eXtreme Scale cache management is used, the session length expires too early. Any API call after StartSesison throws error as the PostEvent request received is an invalid session id: dk_1.

This issue is caused by a conflict between eXtreme Scale and Oracle JDK. If you change the JDK to IBM® JDK in both the' / 'InteractWXSServer.bat file and the Weblogic domain, then this functionality works correctly.

The Interact entry still exists in the Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features of the operating system after uninstallation RTC173147 When you run UninstallInteract.exe in the Uninstall Interact folder of the installation directory and choose Complete Uninstall, you receive a message that all items were successfully uninstalled. However, there is still an entry of Interact in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features. To fix this issue, choose Specific uninstall feature instead of Complete Uninstall.
Reload of an Interactive Channel fails when it contains patterns RTC176923

When there are multiple versions of an Interactive Channel that contains different patterns in different versions and you reload the whole Interactive Channel in design time, the following error is displayed.

Failed to reload interactive channel.
[jcc][t4][102][10040][4.13.127] Batch failure. The batch 
was submitted, but at least one exception occurred on an 
individual member of the batch. Use getNextException() to 
retrieve the exceptions for specific batched elements. 

When you reload the Interactive Channel that contains patterns in the flowchart, the same error message is displayed, but flowchart reloads successfully with correct data. However, the correct version of strategy is not reloaded and more patterns from previous version are present in the Events tab.

To avoid these issues, do not reload an Interactive Channel that contains patterns.

More issues are found when you reload an Interactive Channel that contains advanced patterns. When the Interactive Channel is reloaded the events present in advanced pattern are not displayed inside the pattern in Event Patterns section of the Events tab. In the interactive flowchart, only the Decision process box is displayed; all other Process boxes are missing after reload. For an Opportunity Detect integrated set up, do not reload the Interactive Channel if it contains advanced patterns.

You cannot export a PDF with a new mapped table in the snapshot process box for any locale but English. RTC11682

You should be able to export a PDF in the Fields to Snapshot list on the Snapshots tab with a new mapped table. However, the PDF is not visible nor available for export for any locale but English.

Offer suppression does not work with response type RTC177564

Offer suppression does not work for cross session when suppression rule is set for offer acceptance or rejection.

Error in Interact run time for RMI with WebSphere Application Server version RTC166257

There is an error for Interact runtime initialization for monitoring when the monitoring protocol is set to the default setting, RMI, for WebSphere Application Server version

If it is set to JMXMP, it works properly.

The Interact uninstaller does not remove all folders under installation directory. RTC177446

When you run the uninstaller for Interact, it removes all directories under Interact_Home except the Install and Tools directories.

Empty expressions in Advanced Options eligibility rule or marketing score expression are not validated RTC177899

Currently, you are able to save empty expressions. As a result, when you deploy an interactive channel, the following error is displayed because you cannot have empty expressions.

Error occurred while parsing expression: Empty Expression
Issue with eXtreme Scale and Oracle JDK1.7 RTC175253

There is a conflict on serializing and deserializing java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap in eXtreme Scale while running on Oracle JDK 1.7. As a result, WXS is unable to return InteractSession objects.

All the options under the Pattern Type dropdown appear to be selected. RTC163602

When you add an event pattern, all options in the Pattern Type dropdown on the Pattern appear to be selected.

You can delete event patterns even if it is in use. RTC167789

You can delete event patterns from the interactive channel Events tab even if the event pattern is in use; for example, if the event pattern is mapped in the flow chart and the interactive channel is deployed.

If you try to deploy an interactive channel with a deleted event pattern, the following error is displayed.

Error occurred while validating processbox Decision1: 
Unrecognized symbol(s) [eventpattern.score_weightage]'
In Advance Options of an interaction strategy, the expressions do not validate null values properly. RTC176924

getOffer throws an error when a nul value is used in an expression inAdvance Options of an interaction strategy.

Values for Current Count For This interval on the Offer Constraints Admin page are not updated if the definition of the offer constraints is changed. RTC177548

If you change the definition of the offer constraints, the values for Current Count For This interval do not change. However, the values for Current Count For This interval should also change according to the value under Number of Available offer Left for this Instance.

The suppression rule attribute value = <dynamic> for a related offer does not suppress an offer in cross session response tracking scenario. RTC91765

An offer in cross session response tracking scenario does not get suppressed if you perform the following steps, the suppression rule attribute value = <dynamic> for a related offer.

Display order of entries in Available Fields changes in the Select process on an interactive flowchart. RTC80938, RTC7275 When you edit or view a Select process on an interactive flowchart, the order of the entries in the Available Fields list may be different from other times you edit or view the process. The difference in order is cosmetic, and does not affect the operation of the Select process or the flowchart.

If you are using built-in learning, Interact uses most recent learning attributes across all interactive channels


Learning attributes are defined across all interactive channels. If you have a single Interact runtime server for multiple interactive channels, the Interact runtime server uses the most recently deployed learning attributes. For example, suppose the scenarios for your call center track learning attributes A, B, and C, and the scenarios for your website track learning attributes C, D, and E. If you update the interactive channel for your website, changes to learning attribute C affects both the call center and the website.

If you remove an audience level, contact and response history utility might fail.


The contact and response history module attempts to transfer data for all audience levels that are listed in UACI_CHRHAudMap. If you remove an audience level, you must remove all associated entries from the UACI_CHRHAudMap table or the contact and response history utility will fail.

DB2 might return erroneous error when you are using a database load utility.


In some cases, the database load utility returns an error even though the load was completed with only a warning. For example, if the value of a column exceeds the column's width, it is truncated before the load. In these cases, look at the database load utility log files and make sure that the records were not inserted before you rename the directory to rerun. You can determine the number of rows that are loaded by reviewing the file, specifically the line Number of rows committed = xxx.

Channel Event Summary Report may display incorrect data if you rename an event


If you rename an event, the new name might not display correctly in the report.

DB2 Loader not working with non-ASCII audience name.

DEF054920, RTC7890

The DB2 file-based loader for contact and response history logging is not supported if the Audience Level contains non-ASCII characters. To work around this issue, either make sure the audience levels use only ASCII characters, or use a memory cache instead of the file-based loader.

Cannot export from a Snapshot or MailList process to a database table with a non-ASCII name.

DEF051097, RTC10145

If you export data from a Snapshot or MailList process, and you select Database Table as the Export to option, naming the new table with non-ASCII characters results in an export failure, and an error code 11506 may also be displayed. To work around this issue, use only ASCII characters to name the export database table.

Cannot export persistent derived fields from a Snapshot process when the locale is not English.


If you configure a Select process box to create a persistent derived field, run that process, and connect it as input to a Snapshot process box, the persistent derived field will not be available in the Fields to Snapshot list on the Snapshot of the Snapshot process box. This issue occurs only if the locale is set to any non-English locale.

SiteMinder access is not supported for deployment of Interactive Channels

DEF054926, ENH11491

SiteMinder access is not supported for deployment of Interactive Channels. For Interact runtime deployment, you must use a user ID and password that has been explicitly created in the Marketing Platform database.

Changing session and campaign owners in Campaign causes associated interactive flowcharts and interactive sessions to stop working

DEF055155, RTC11348

If you change the ownership of a session or campaign in Campaign, the associated interactive flowcharts and interactive sessions do not work in Interact.

Cannot delete a campaign even after deleting the interaction strategy.


In some cases, users cannot delete a campaign even after the interaction strategy with which the campaign is associated is deleted. The ac_web.log file may contain a message similar to "DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "iTrmtRuleInv_FK3". The conflict occurred in database "Automator_UC", table "dbo.UACI_TrmtRuleInv", column 'CellID'" in this situation.

In this situation, where even the interactive flowchart is undeployed and deleted, and the strategy is deleted, the campaign cannot be deleted because it was part of a strategy that was deployed, and therefore historical data exists for that campaign that is used for reporting. This may be addressed in a future release.

Syntax checking does not work properly in the Advanced Options for an interaction strategy table.

RTC65495, APAR65498, PO01220

When a Marketing Score is determined for an offer in the interaction strategy table on the Advanced Options, the syntax check will sometimes fail. In this case, an error is observed while retrieving the offer from the API getOffers call after the deployment.

Suppression rule attribute value = [auto] for related offers does not work as expected in cross-session response tracking.


In cases where an offer is being suppressed using a dynamic attribute value (attribute value = [auto]) and cross-session response tracking is used, the offer may not be suppressed as expected.

To work around this issue, use an attribute value other than [auto]. This issue may be addressed in a future release.