Keeping an up-to-date schedule

System administrators set up permissions and reminders for schedules. Schedule owners set the dates for each task in the schedule. Team members update the progress for their tasks.

Before you begin

Before you create your projectsLists, On-demand Campaigns, or Corporate Campaigns, have your system administrator set up permissions and reminders as follows.

  • Set permissions so that only projectList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign owners can update Target dates.
  • Set reminders (Alerts) that are based on the Target dates.
  • Set reminders to be sent only to the owner or owners.
  • Optionally, set reminders on the Actual/ForecastActual dates to be sent to team members.

About this task

While you work with an up-to-date schedule, team members perform the following high-level steps.


  1. The owner sets the initial Target Start and End dates for each task.
  2. As the projectList or On-demand Campaign progresses, team members update the Actual/ForecastActual dates with real data.
  3. If a task is delayed (the owner receives reminders that are based on Target dates), the owner assesses the situation and adjusts the Target dates and durations as necessary.