Workflow copy and paste

For efficiency, you can copy and paste most kinds of tasks in the workflow.

Note: You cannot copy and paste form tasks in the workflow spreadsheet.

When you are copying and pasting tasks, note the following behavior.

  • To copy, you must select a continuous range of cells by using Shift+click. You cannot select multiple, disconnected tasks by using Ctrl+click.
  • To select a single cell, you must use Shift+click.
  • If you do not insert enough blank tasks to correspond to the ones you are copying, existing task values are overwritten.
  • To paste rows at the insertion point, you can click Paste from the Tools menu or press Ctrl+V. To paste rows after the selected row, you must click Paste Rows After from the Tools menu.
  • You can copy the status from one approval task and paste it in another approval task status column. You cannot paste the status into a standard task status column.
  • Approval statuses do not copy. If you copy the status from one approval and paste it in a new row of an approval that is not saved, the status of the new approval is Not started.