Navigating the timeline view

About this task

You can navigate the timeline by doing any of the following:

  • Click the expand icon (+) next to an object to display objects that are contained in the hierarchy. For example, clicking + next to a program displays projects that participate in that program.
  • Click the expand icon (+) next to an object to display tasks within the workflow for that object.
  • Click the object name to drill down to a timeline that contains the objects contained in its hierarchy. For example, clicking a program changes the timeline view to contain a listing of projects that participate in the selected program.
    Note: Clicking a task opens the Workflow page of the project with which the task is associated.
  • Click the zoom in () and zoom out () icons. These icons are displayed above the timeline. Zooming changes the date range of the timeline. For example, zooming in from a monthly timeline takes you to a weekly timeline. The top level is (fiscal) yearly, and the lowest level is weekly.