Calendar color coding

You can display objects in a color-coded manner on either the graphical calendar or in the timeline views.

First, select the Enable Color Coding check box in either the Calendar/Timeline Settings page or the Set View Options dialog box. After you check the box, the Based on values for menu opens. This list contains attributes for your Lists, On-demand Campaigns, and Corporate Campaignsprojects, programs, or plans (depending on which objects you are currently displaying in the calendar).

From this list, you can choose any attribute that is an enumerated type. For example, consider the following attribute:

  • Name: Product Family
  • Valid values: CDs, Credit Card, Home Mortgage

If you choose to group objects by this attribute, your calendar contains four colors: one for each valid value, CDs, Credit Card, and Home Mortgage, and N/A. N/A corresponds to any objects that do not contain a value for the Product Family attribute.

The calendar also displays a legend in the lower-right corner of the screen. The legend lists all valid values (CDs, Credit Card, and Home Mortgage, and N/A) along with the color corresponding to that value.

Note: You can also color code by the template on which the project or program is based.