Subscribing to alerts for an object

Users who are not administrators can override default settings within a plan, program, project, or project requestList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign. By overriding the default, you can control the alerts that each object owner and participant receives.

About this task

If there are permissions that are configured for any of the tabs of a project or requestList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign, the system filters the alerts. For example, alerts about attachments are not sent to users who do not have access to a project Attachments tab.


  1. Open the object for which you want to change alert subscriptions.
  2. Click the Communicate icon (Dialog balloon with zero image) and select Subscribe to Alerts.
  3. From the list of alerts, select the alert that you want to change. You can set or clear alert subscriptions for each type of user: Owner or Participant. The possible entries are as follows:
    Check mark The user receives the alert or alarm.
    Blank The user does not receive the alert or alarm.
    n/a You did not specify team membersusers for this access level (for example, Program Participant) when you created the object. After you add team membersusers with the corresponding access level, you can set alerts for that access level.
  4. Click Accept to save your changes or Cancel to leave the alert settings as they were.