Creating the Distributed Marketing system table database or schema

Create the database or schema for Distributed Marketing with the help of your database administrator. After you create a schema, enter the correct information about it in the data source information worksheet.

About this task

Complete the following tasks to create the Distributed Marketing system tables or schema:


  1. Work with a database administrator to create the required database or schema for IBM® Distributed Marketing.
    Note: The Distributed Marketing system database must use UTF-8 character encoding. If you do not use UTF-8, you can encounter a problem when you copy certain characters from a Microsoft™ Word document into Distributed Marketing. In an Oracle database, certain characters display as ? when you copy them from Word to a Distributed Marketing field. For DB2®, this issue causes a problem when you view objects. To fix the problem, you must go into the database and remove the problem characters.
  2. Have the database administrator create an account for the database or schema. Specify this account as a data source for a system user later in the installation process.

    This account must have at least CREATE,DELETE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DROP rights.

    If you are using DB2, make sure that the buffer pool for the table space is at least 32 K; otherwise, you are not able to create templates.

  3. Obtain the information about your database or schema and the database account and then print and complete the Distributed Marketing database information worksheet.