IBM Distributed Marketing installation database information worksheet

Use the Distributed Marketing installation database worksheet to gather information about the Distributed Marketing database and about other IBM® Marketing Software products that are required for the installation of Distributed Marketing.

Use the IBM Distributed Marketing installation database information worksheet to gather information about the database that contains your Distributed Marketing system tables.

Table 1. Distributed Marketing database information worksheet

Following table contains Field and Notes columns.

Field Notes
Database type
Database name
Database account user name
Database account password
JNDI name
ODBC name

Checklist for IBM Marketing Platform

The installation wizards for each IBM Marketing Software product must be able to communicate with the Marketing Platform system table database to register the product. Each time that you run the installer, you must enter the following database connection information for the Marketing Platform system table database:
  • Database type
  • JNDI name
  • JDBC driver class
  • JDBC connection URL
  • JDBC driver class path on your computer
  • Database host name
  • Database port
  • Database name or schema ID
  • User name and password for the database account

Information about web component

Obtain the following information for all IBM Marketing Software products that have a web component, which you deploy on a web application server:
  • The protocol that is HTTP or HTTPS, if SSL is implemented in the web application server.
  • The name of the systems on which the web application servers are installed. You can have one or several web application servers, depending on the IBM Marketing Software environment that you are setting up.
  • The port on which the application server listens. If you plan to implement SSL, obtain the SSL port.
  • The network domain for your deployment system. For example,


If you are installing an IBM Marketing Software product in one of the countries that are listed on the Country for Install screen of your product installer, you must enter your IBM Site ID in the space provided. Your IBM Site ID can be found on one of the following documents:
  • IBM Welcome letter
  • Tech Support Welcome letter
  • Proof of Entitlement letter
  • Other communications that are sent when you purchase your software
IBM might use the data that is provided by the installed software to better understand how customers use our products and to improve customer support. The data that is gathered does not include any information that identifies individuals. Complete the following actions if you do not want to have such information to be collected:
  1. After Marketing Platform is installed, log on to Marketing Platform as a user with administration privileges.
  2. Go to Settings > Configuration, and set the Disable Page Tagging property under the Platform category to True.