Creating list tables

You must create list tables in your customer database to enable lists in your application. The data in the system tables populates various lists in the Distributed Marketing. Make sure that you store list tables in the same folder as customer tables.

About this task

Create the following tables in your customer database:

  • uacc_lists - a list of contacts generated as a List.
  • uacc_ondemand_lists - a list of contacts generated by On-demand Campaigns.
  • uacc_corporate_lists - a list of contacts generated by a flowchart in a Corporate Campaign.
  • uacc_permanent - a list of contacts to be permanently added to or deleted from Lists.
  • uacc_ondemand_permanent - a list of contacts to be permanently added to or deleted from On-demand Campaigns.
  • uacc_corporate_permanent - a list of contacts to be permanently added to or deleted from Corporate Campaigns.
Important: These tables store the selected contacts ID of the list and must be created in the same database as the customer tables.

If you are using DB2 10.5 BLU, you must run the list tables in the user database (enabled with BLU) with the clause Organize by ROW.

Complete the following steps to create list tables:


  1. Add any additional columns for your audience levels in the listmanager.sql table creation script.

    The listmanager.sql file is in the tools\admin\db\db_type directory under your Distributed Marketing installation, where db_type is the database you are using, sqlserver, oracle, db2, Netezza, or Teradata.

  2. Run the listmanager.sql script to create the required tables.

    Note the following points when you create list tables:

    • The script creates the tables in the customer database.
    • You can also add columns to the tables based on your particular requirements for data filtering. For example, you can add a column to filter by region.