Changing the layout of the workflow

You can change the layout of the spreadsheet and timeline views of the workflow to display the information that you need.


  1. In the Workflow tab, click Layout.

    The Instance Workflow Tab Layout dialog box opens.

  2. In the Spreadsheet Layout section, select the check boxes of all columns you want to show in the workflow.

    You can also use the links after Columns to display: to select subsets of available columns.

  3. Set the first column width for the spreadsheet view.
  4. In the Timeline Layout section, select values from the Time Scale, Bars Represent, and Bar Captions drop-down lists.
  5. Set the first column width for the timeline view.
  6. To have these settings apply only to the currently opened workflow, as opposed to all workflows you view, check Use these settings for current workflow only.
  7. Click Apply or Apply and Close to save your selections.


The view of the workflow is updated to reflect your selections.