Template components

Templates are made up of other components that the administrator creates and manages.

Specifically, templates can include the following components.

Component Description
Tabs Individual screens for the campaign. Tabs contain one or more forms.
Forms Subsection of a tab, containing fields.
Field Data element that is contained within a form. Each field has a specific format; some fields, for example contain text, and others contain a set of radio buttons. You can place fields into groups, and display them in either a 1- or 2-column layout.
Data mapping Mappings of data between Distributed Marketing and Campaign.
Icons Small images that represent the object within the Distributed Marketing user interface.
Attachments Files or folders that are displayed on the Attachment tab of the List, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign.
Custom links Hypertext links are displayed on selected tabs.
Workflow The set of stages and tasks that are displayed in the project's workflow tab.