Subscription example

A corporate marketer can specify a country or region for a Subscription task.

A corporate marketer may specify that for a Subscription task:
  1. The Selection Level is Country.
  2. The List of Territories is the United States
  3. The Subscription Level is State

When this Corporate Campaign starts, each user that is designated as a state manager for a state within the United States receives an invitation to subscribe to the Corporate Campaign.

The corporate marketer might instead set the Subscription Level to Region. In this case, each user that is designated as a region manager receives an invitation to subscribe to the Corporate Campaign. State managers, lower in the territory hierarchy than region managers, do not receive the invitation. However, if the region manager subscribes to the Corporate Campaign, managers of states within that region also participate in the Corporate Campaign.

Subscriptions and user variables

When a Corporate Campaign has a Subscription system task that is linked to a Flowchart Run system task, the Flowchart Run system task needs to have an associated flowchart that makes use of the subscription response information. You do this by defining a user variable in the flowchart called SubscriptionList. This user variable can then be used in a query such as the following:

Contact_Info.State IN (UserVar.SubscriptionList)

When the flowchart is run from Distributed Marketing, the list of states or regions that are subscribed is sent as a parameter to Campaign, and the query above is run as something like:

Contact_info.state in ('MA', 'VT')