You can include attachments with a List, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign. These attachments provide information that is relevant to the campaign or List.

Corporate or field marketers might include the following as attachments, for example:
  • Marketing messages for the initiative, including content for a mail campaign
  • Data, such as customer names, generated after you run a List or On-demand Campaign

A List or On-demand Campaign owner or participant can include attachments only if the corporate template developers include the Attachments tab in the List or On-demand Campaign templates.

If the template developer includes attachments in the On-demand Campaign templates, field marketers or corporate marketers can use the attachments to help fulfill campaigns.

Corporate marketers can also add attachments to an On-demand Campaign when the Attachments tab is available through the On-demand Campaign template.

You can also include restricted attachments, such as upload_allowedFileTypes and upload_fileMaxSize. upload_allowedFileTypes indicates the types of files that can be uploaded in Distributed Marketing, and upload_fileMaxSize indicates the limit on the maximum size of the file that can be uploaded.