Submitting the target list to field marketers

You can notify field marketers that you are distributing the target list for them to review their portion.

You can use the field marketer notification feature to notify participant field marketers who are responsible for targets on the list.

Notifying field marketers

Note the following about notifying field marketers to review a proposed target list for a Corporate Campaign:

  • You must first generate the proposed target list.
  • You must be the Corporate Campaign owner.
  • Only field marketers responsible for targets on the proposed target list are notified.
  • Each field marketer who is responsible for targets in the list receives a personalized message you type, along with a message similar to the following.
    The campaign Name has just started. You have until Date to validate
     the list content.
    Note: A field marketer becomes responsible for target records through data level filters. If data level filters are not defined, then all field marketers are notified during the execution of the Notify Field Marketer system task.