New features


Unica Deliver V12.1.0.4 includes the following features.

  • More Digital Channels: Deliver now supports simple (native) iOS and Android push communication channels in addition to Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Quick Builder is enhanced to design simple push communications.
  • Enhanced Quick Builder User Interface: Quick Builder interface is enhanced with many features such as searching, sorting, pagination using infinite scroll and moving of communications to different folders. Quick Builder also supports multiple Campaign partitions.
  • Offer support in Quick Builder: Content can be associated with a Campaign offer in Quick Builder. Users can also view offer parameters and change any values if required.
  • Enhanced reporting: Deliver reports under Analytics now support Push and WhatsApp delivery reports. SMS report is also enhanced to show link click responses.
  • Enhanced Deliverability report: Deliverability report now allows user to view report for earlier runs.
  • Support for Landing page forms in Extract process box: Extract process box in Campaign flowchart is now enhanced to take input from Deliver landing page forms.
  • GDPR support: Campaign GDPR tool is enhanced to query Deliver system tables for PII and provide queries to clear records from Deliver system tables.


Unica Deliver V12.1.0.3 includes the following features.
  • More Digital Channels: Deliver now supports more communication channels like SMS using different providers and Whatsapp.
  • New Quick Builder User Interface: Deliver has introduced a new Quick Builder user interface with enhanced capabilities to design and create eye-catching emails quickly and easily.
  • Email Preview Screen Tests: Deliver can now show how your email will look in 50 devices and email clients.
  • Deliverability Tests: Deliver now supports deliverability testing to show inbox placement, spam folder, and spam score testing.
  • UI Improvement on the Deliver pages. The user interface of Deliver is enhanced to make it more user friendly.

  • Journey Support for Deliver SMS messages: Unica Journey now supports sending Unica Deliver SMS messages.
  • SMS URL shortner: Deliver users can create short links in SMS messages and specify corresponding full URL.

  • Support for OneDB as system table database. Deliver now supports HCL OneDB as system database.
  • JBOSS and Tomcat support as application servers: JBOSS and Tomcat are now supported as application servers in all Deliver features.

  • Support for MariaDB and OneDB as OP system tables databases: Deliver now supports MariaDB and OneDB databases for Unica Insights reports.
  • Insights reports customization capabilities: Custom reports are supported in Unica Insights.


  • A mailing code is available on the Messaging Overview Summary screen to quickly identify mailing using code and configure it in the transactional mailing service.