System requirements and compatibility

For detailed system requirements, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements guide. This document also describes reporting requirements, added support for third-party software, and third-party software for which support is no longer available.

Unica Deliver operates with Unica Campaign. When you install Campaign, several Deliver components and tables are automatically installed as part of the Campaign installation. You cannot install Deliver software, system tables, or the Deliver report pack separately. Installing these components makes the Campaign installation ready to support hosted email. However, you cannot begin to compose, send, and track email until you subscribe to Deliver.

When you request an Deliver subscription, Unica consults with you to activate your account and establish your reputation as an email marketer with leading ISPs around the world. For more information about enabling and configuring Deliver after you purchase a subscription, see the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.

For more information about installing Deliver with Campaign, see the Unica Campaign Installation Guide and the Unica Campaign Release Notes®.