Offers by Type and Segment report

This report helps you understand the distribution of offers to strategic segments.

The Offers by Type and Segment report shows the number of customers in each segment receiving any of the offers before and after running the Unica Optimize session. Offers and strategic segments are defined in Unica Campaign.

Note: Unica Optimize controls the offers and customer segments that are shown in this report. Only the specified offers and strategic segments are in this report; Offers are listed down the page and segments across the top of the report. For information about selecting the offers and segments to include in the report, see Selecting offers and strategic segments.

Any offers that are used in any rules within this Unica Optimize session are automatically included in this report, even if they are not selected for display.

The following options are available as links under the After Optimization table:

  • Show cost summaries. Use this option to show the sum of the costs of all the proposed contacts of an offer to a customer segment. These values are available only if the Cost per offer field in the proposed contacts table (PCT) was populated by participating campaigns.
  • Show score summaries. Use this option to show the sum of the scores of all the proposed contacts of an offer to a segment of a customer in the Before Optimization table. It also shows the sum of scores for optimized contacts in the After Optimization table. The value in the score field depends on how you configured scores for this Unica Optimize session. It is either the value of the field that is specified in the Scoring tab or it is the values in the score matrix.

You can enable one or both of these options independently. You can remove the sums from the report by clicking the Hide cost summaries or Hide score summaries links. The information in this report is contained in two tables and two bar charts.

The Before Optimization and After Optimization tables show the following information for each segment:

Table 1. Offers by Type and Segment Report

A two-column table that describes the data that is included in the Offers by Type and Segment report.

Element Description
Offer name The names of each offer. The first row represents all offers.
Segment Each column represents a strategic segment. The first column represents all customers.
Count These columns show the number of contacts for the strategic segments and offers across all the participating campaigns in this Unica Optimize session. In the Before Optimization table, this number is the number of contacts after removal of opt-outs, that is, after Exclude/Include rules are applied.

The first bar chart shows the Before Optimization data graphically. The second bar chart shows the After Optimization data graphically.