Clearing run history

You can clear disk space by periodically removing all the production run or test run data for a Unica Optimize session.

About this task

Unica Optimize keeps all the data from every production run or test run of a Unica Optimize session on the server that hosts the Unica Optimize server. Clearing the run history also clears the UACO_SesnRunHist table.

Note: When you clear the run history, you delete all statistics that are kept for reporting purposes. All Unica Optimize reports for this Unica Optimize session state Report data does not exist.


  1. Open the Unica Optimize session from which you want to delete the run history.

    A confirmation dialog box displays.

  2. Click Execute > Clear run history.
  3. Click OK to delete the run history.


Unica Optimize deletes all the run history. This action includes all data for the Unica Optimize session Analysis tab.