Prerequisites for using Unica Campaign

Before you begin using Unica Campaign, confirm that your environment meets the following requirements.

  • For an improved user experience, use at least a 21" screen.
  • For an improved user experience, set your screen resolution to 1600 x 900. Lower resolutions can result in some information not being properly displayed. If you use a lower resolution, maximize the browser window to see more content.
  • A mouse is best for navigating in the user interface.
  • Do not use the browser controls to navigate. For example, avoid using the Back and Forward buttons. Instead, use the controls that are in the user interface.
  • If pop-up blocker (ad blocker) software is installed on the client machine, Unica Campaign might not function properly. For best results, disable pop-up blocker software while running Unica Campaign.
  • Ensure that the technical environment meets the minimum system requirements and the supported platforms.*
  • The correct browser and versions must be used.*
  • Clear the browser cache after upgrading or applying any fix pack. This only needs to be done once, after the application is updated.
  • If you use Internet Explorer (IE) with Unica Campaign or any module that uses Unica Campaign flowcharts (Unica Deliver, Unica Optimize, Unica Interact, Unica Collaborate): To log in multiple times to view side-by-side information, open IE and log in to Unica. Then select File > New Session in the IE menu bar. In the new IE browser window, log in to Unica as the same or a different user.
    Important: Do not use any other method to open multiple sessions. For example, do not open a new tab; do not open another browser session from the Start menu or desktop icon; and do not use File > New Window in IE. These methods can corrupt information that is shown in the application.

*For details on the items indicated by an asterisk, see the Unica Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements.