Known issues in Optimize

The following are the Known Issues for Optimize in V12.1.7

Issue Issue ID Description
Scores entered manually in the score matrix are not considered while optimizing the contact list. Defect 194109 Scores entered manually should be considered for calculation in the Customer Capacity rule. However, while applying the Customer Capacity rule, scores in the PCT are considered, and all customer records are removed in the optimized list.
Campaign Optimize summary report is incorrect. Defect 176368 If offer versions are used in a rule, the report that shows pre-optimization versus post-optimization counts will always report the pre-optimization count of records as 1. The post-optimization counts will be correct.
After upgrading Campaign to 9.1, Optimize listener can no longer be stopped via Defect 81245

Users must upgrade Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize together. If they cannot, they will need to stop the Unica Optimize listener manually through the task manager/kill command.

Error messages for the ACOOptAdmin utility do not display according to non-English locales. DEF051284 When you run the ACOOptAdmin command line utility in a locale other than English, error messages do not display according to the specified locale. The error messages display only in English.
unprocessables_sessionid.csv might contain some customers who receive offers. DEF054841 In some scenarios, a few of the customers who get offers might be present in the unprocessables_sessionid.csv file.
Incorrect optimization result with Custom Capacity rule in specific circumstances. DEF058362

A customer that satisfies the following criteria might receive fewer offers than wanted:

  • The customer has an even number of proposed transactions.
  • Each of these transactions has the same score.
  • This score is a low value.
Some labels display incorrectly in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. DEF059595 Some translated labels are displaying incorrectly. For example, when you edit the score matrix manually, the vertical label on the right side of the table displays upside down. Also, for optimization rules that contain customers in the segment, the segment label displays on two lines.
Offer filtering summary report displays an incorrect count of Proposed Contacts that are removed by each Custom Capacity rule. DEF059805 The Offer Summary Report displays incorrect counts in the "Removed By This Rule" column for Custom Capacity rules if the participating Flowchart for this Unica Optimize session contains multiple contact dates and multiple offers that are made to each customer on different channels.
Issues with offer version query builder. DEF060676

There are several minor issues with the offer version query builder:

  • For custom attributes with the Form Element Type of Select Box, the offer version query builder does not use the select box. You must enter the value manually.
  • When the group level is removed, the subgroup conditions are added to the parent condition, and vice versa.
  • All arithmetic operators are displayed for a string variable, but only equal and not equal apply.
  • Defined length validations for attributes are not verified upon input for conditions.
Offer version rules that contain dates do not provide expected optimization results. DEF061554 If you create an offer version condition that includes a date, such as the offer parameter "valid end date" equals "12/31/2011", the rule containing offer version condition might not be satisfied; however, the rest of the rules will work as expected.
Rule exceptions that span calendar years give incorrect results. DEF061639 If you create a rule exception to a Min/Max # Offers capacity rule that spans calendar years, such as 07/01/2011 to 06/30/2012, the rule containing rule exception condition will not be satisfied; however, the rest of the rules will work as expected.
<unica_svradm> refresh command does not reflect the change. HMA-304945 On a running environment, after changing the master listener priority, <unica_svradm> refresh command does not reflect the change.
<unica_svradm> refresh command does not delete the node from cluster. HMA-305764 If you delete a listener node from existing cluster, <unica_svradm> refresh command does not delete the node from cluster. Execution requests are still observed going to the deleted node. Restarting the listener solves this issue. Will be fixed in upcoming fixpack.
Users are still able to manually interfere in the running flowchart when flowchart execution is in progress through SVRADMIN utility. HMA-306037 When flowchart execution is in progress through SVRADMIN utility or using scheduler, user is still able to manually interfere in the running flowchart. Will be fixed in upcoming fixpack.