Known limitations in Unica Campaign

Unica Campaign 12.1.7 includes the following known limitations.

Issue ID Description
305764 For any reason, if users delete the Campaign listener node configuration from listener cluster configuration in Unica Platform, while the application is up and running then users connected to this listener node are not redirected to another listener. You must restart the Campaign web application. If you require to delete the listener node, take a downtime and restart Campaign web and listener components.
17202 Error 19024: Cannot delete segment folder if the segment was deleted from the folder. A segment that is deleted from a folder remains as an inactive segment in the folder. Folders with inactive segments cannot be deleted. This is working as intended.
185854 Big data: Campaign integration with Hadoop-based Hive big data as a user data source is not tested on MS Windows operating system.
190621 Big data: Campaign with Hive big data as a user database does not support user table mapping with Base and Dimension levels up to the fourth level hierarchy. If you map a Base record table with four levels of dimension tables in a Select process box, then build a query based on the fourth level Dimension table, the query fails with Error 11528. This issue should not affect big data users because multiple dimensions should not be needed. By definition, a big data source has a large table of records split across Hadoop nodes (such as HDFS).
194095 For Redshift database, the error message "Unsupported type timestamps with time zone" is displayed when exporting data from a Snapshot process box. Timestamp with timezone is an unsupported PostgreSQL data type on Amazon AWS.
195581 While running a Campaign flowchart, if listener crashes or is stopped, user is not able to access the running flowchart from the UI. Requests are being served by another node of the cluster but while accessing the flowchart, a pop-up message says "listener failover occurred..." It may be necessary to restart the master listener.
232032 User can start only one Campaign listener on one server (machine) in case of Listener clustering.
PMR 243195, 244148 When a column that has the Greek Letters A and B is profiled in Campaign, the system returns only A along with the count of all the records. After the fix, some of the non-English characters, which differ only in case (like é and É in French), are counted as two different values in profiling. English language characters are not counted as case sensitive.
244482 Deep search lists all the Campaigns that are created through Marketing Operations projects when Campaign - Marketing Operations integration is on. Campaigns that are created through Marketing Operations projects when Marketing Operations - Campaign integration is enabled) are not listed on Campaign list page and are only available on the Marketing Operations project listing page. Users who do not have the permission to access Marketing Operations are able to access campaigns which are created through Marketing Operations projects through Deep search results.
248943 If the user profile database is changed (change in the table column values of audience record) for fields other than sync fields and the user runs the Email process again, a negative count is returned for the DUPLICATES parameter from Engage in the Campaign flowchart log.
N/A Big data: To perform the UPDATE operation on any process boxes in a flowchart, ensure that your HIVE tables are configured as transactional tables such that they support the ACID property. This is a key feature introduced in HIVE version 0.14.
N/A Interact when configured with IBM WebSphere Application Server: You must configure IBM WebSphere JVM to use JDK 1.7. When IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5.x is configured with JDK 1.7 and HTTPS communication, you must use IBM JAVA SDK version or higher.
N/A Using multiple SQL statements for raw SQL queries is not currently supported on big data user datasources. For related information, search the IBM Knowledge Center for Hive query language conformance.
N/A Dialog behavior: In certain cases, it is necessary to click twice in order to activate a field or change a field value.
N/A The monitorEnabledForDeliver configuration property in Campaign|monitoring is not currently used.
N/A Relevant products limitation: When offer management is performed from Unica Plan, the "relevant products" functionality, which relates product IDs to offers, is not available.
N/A Blank or incorrect results from derived fields in a Mail List process. This can occur in a process box that uses a derived field that calls a Generated field (UCGF) that changes value.

Do not use a UCGF in a Mail List derived field if the UCGF is not constant. Also, from the Parameters tab, do not create a derived field to call a UCGF to populate offer attributes.

N/A Profiling a Campaign Generated Field (UCGF) does not yield correct results. Some UCGFs have a value according to the cell or the offer being processed. For cell-related UCGFs, only the value associated with the first cell appears during profiling.
N/A The default value for a custom cell attribute does not appear when you open the target cell spreadsheet. Although the default value is not initially displayed, it will be used. The value can be displayed or changed by clicking or opening and editing the custom cell attribute in the target cell spreadsheet.
N/A The UA_UsrResponseType.Name field cannot contain a left parenthesis followed by a single quote.

Use unique TempTablePrefix for each data source when mapping multiple data sources to same physical database.

If you mapped multiple data sources in Unica Campaign to the same physical database, and you use the same TempTablePrefix for more than one of the data sources, when you use the cleanup utility to delete orphaned temp tables, it may falsely identify temp tables as orphaned, when they are in fact legitimate temp tables defined from a different Unica Campaign data source.

Any deleted temp tables will automatically be recreated when you rerun affected flowcharts, but as a best practice, use a unique TempTablePrefix for each data source when mapping multiple data sources to the same physical database.

If the data sources defined in Unica Campaign map to different schemas in the database, another solution is to ensure that the database user who runs the cleanup utility does not have privileges to drop tables in other schemas in the same database.

161323 The error "Login failed. Error 10553" can occur if you try to log in to the Campaign utilities when the Unica Platform | Security | login method is set to Windows integrated login or Web access control. To avoid this issue, change the login type to LDAP or Platform prior to using the Campaign utilities..
176377 DB2 10.5 BLU for user DB: No indexing requirement for temp tables in Unica Campaign datasource. DB2 10.5 (with BLU feature ON) does not require indexing in Unica Campaign. Unica Campaign has certain properties for datasources, such as TempTablePreTruncateRunScript, TempTablePostExecutionSQL, and PostTempTableCreateRunScript, where you can provide SQL or scripts to create indexes on user database tables. If you are using DB2 10.5 as a customer database, with the BLU feature ON, you do not need to configure any of these temp table properties.
201,968,200,241 If two process boxes are moved very close together in a flowchart, the direction of the connection arrow changes. This limitation affects the visual representation of the arrow. The process data flow is not affected. The workaround is to move the process boxes farther apart so the arrowhead changes back to the correct direction.
211293 In Unica Campaign, the built-in macro Current_Date() results in an error when executed against a Hive 1.2 based Big Data instance. The Hive ODBC driver does not support the Current_Date macro to obtain interval values. For example, executing the following query results in a Hive error:

SELECT DISTINCT customerid FROM Customer_date WHERE ((Customer_date.my_date_mmdyyyy - CURRENT_DATE()) >= 7)

Error: Hive 2 Internal error: unsupported conversion from type: interval_day_time

Workaround: To use the Current_Date function in a RAW SQL query on Hive with Hortonworks, execute SQL in the following format:

SELECT DISTINCT customerid FROM Customer_date WHERE (current_date() - my_date_mmddyyyy ) = interval '0 0:0:0' day to second

310769 In Unica Campaign, the built-in macro Current_Date() results in an error when executed against Impala data source. The Impala ODBC driver does not support the Current_Date macro to obtain interval values. For example, executing the following query results in an error:

INSERT INTO TABLE UAC_133824_5 SELECT DISTINCT store_id, d_customer_key FROM srvacammo.bast_segment WHERE (srvacammo.bast_segment.ba_last_trans_date > (CURRENT_DATE - 2))

Error: Error while executing a query in Impala: [HY000] : AnalysisException: Could not resolve column/field reference: 'current_date'

Workaround: In raw SQL query, the Current_Date would not work with Impala, so instead of current_date, users can use now() or current_timestamp().

213088 If Campaign is installed in a secured environment but IBM Cognos is in an unsecured environment, Cognos reports will not display when you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Workaround: If Unica Campaign is configured with HTTPS, also configure IBM Cognos on HTTPS.
217488 IBM can support the Database Loader for Redshift until the moment Campaign triggers the Loader Script. Any problems in execution of the loader script are not supported by IBM.
223716 Authentication Bypass Using HTTP Verb Tampering

Instead of applying theHttpVerbFilter.class patch, you can use the following workaround to ensure application security.

Complete the following steps to update web.xml.
  1. Update the web app tag and set the xsd version to 3.0.
    <web-app xmlns:xsi="" 
      id="Platform" version="3.0" metadata-complete="true">
  2. Add the following in web.xml.
    <!--[start] WhiteList Http Verbs -->
    <!--[end] WhiteList Http Verbs -->

IBM Websphere Application Server 8.5.5 Fix Pack 12 requires IFPI85892 to run HCL Unica application.


On Oracle 12.2 database server following parameters needs to be added in sqlnet.ora file located under ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER

User will need to consult with DBA to provide appropriate value to this parameter. Please refer this link for details:

N/A Campaign Integration with Watson Marketing Assistant is not supported on Internet Explorer.
286705 Two events get generated on the Campaign history tab when user pauses the Campaign flowchart from Operational monitoring.
287100 History tab data remains in UA_History table even after deleting the Campaign
290172 Cutting off right contents from Relevant offers window.

Workaround: The size of text, apps and other items - under Display should be set to 100%.


Campaign flowchart run - when executed as complete flowchart generates a unique runID and its executed the flowchart along with mailchimp process box.

Next time when Campaign user tries to run the single process box - it does not generate unique runID and thus process box execution failed.

312296 HTTPS(Invalid certificate) HIP instance is not supported in IE11 for Link PB and Manage Link Connections page.
312320 MailChimp - Audience value is getting changed to other format f239295fe8 (in alphanumeric format) if we re-open correctly configured Link PB. The workaround is to hit the Fetch button adjacent to the field which will refresh the value of the user-friendly string value.

Campaign installer failed to update Insights report files when installed using non-root user on Unix environment. To overcome this user would need to update Insights report file manually after installation is completed.

1. Navigate to <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/tools/bin/

2. For UNIX:
  • Grant read, write, and execute permissions to -bPath=<Report folder path> for the installation user.
  • Grant execute permission to the installation user using the following command.

    chmod 755

3. Execute command to update the Campaign Insights report files.

./ -ds=CampaignDS -bPath=<Report folder path> -DBType=<databasetype> -URL=JDBC connection URL> -user=<database user> -pwd=<database password>

For more details refer UnicaInsights12_1InstallationConfigurationGuide

313216 Link: Unica application on HTTPS and unica Link on HTTP does not render the Manage links connections page.