Tracking contacts

To configure contact fatigue rules, you must properly configure how you track contacts.

When managing contact fatigue rules such as the Max # of Packages rule, Contact Optimization automatically uses the contact history that is recorded in the Campaign system tables. In Campaign, each "contact" recorded into contact history is recorded with a specific "contact status." The contact status is specified when configuring the contact process. You can update contact statuses by using the Track process. For example, you can update a "Contacted" status to "Undeliverable." You customize the contact statuses for your particular implementation. The UA_ContactStatus.CountsAsContact field determines whether communication with a particular contact status value counts as a contact from the Contact Optimization contact fatigue perspective. Contact Optimization considers contacts only where UA_ContactStatus.CountsAsContact is 1.

For more information about configuring contact statuses, see the HCL® Campaign Administrator's Guide. For more information about populating contact status with the Mail List or Track process, see the HCL Campaign User's Guide.