Upgrade prerequisites for all HCL Marketing Software products

Meet all requirements for permissions, operating system, and knowledge correctly before you upgrade Contact Optimization to ensure a seamless upgrade experience.

Removing response files generated by previous installations

If you are upgrading from a version before 8.6.0, you must delete the response files that are generated by previous Contact Optimization installations. Old response files are not compatible with the 8.6.0 and later installers.

Failure to remove old response files can result in having incorrect data pre-filled in installer fields when the installer is run, or in the installer failing to install some files or skipping configuration steps.

The HCL® response file is named installer.properties.

The response files for each product are named installer_productversion.properties.

The installer creates response files in the directory that you specify during installation. The default location is the home directory of the user.

User account requirement for UNIX™

On UNIX, the user account that installed the product must complete the upgrade, otherwise the installer fails to detect a previous installation.

32-bit to 64-bit version upgrades

If you are moving from a 32-bit to a 64-bit version of Contact Optimization, ensure that you complete the following tasks:

  • Ensure that the database client libraries for your product data sources are 64-bit.
  • Ensure that all relevant library paths, for example startup or environment scripts, correctly reference the 64-bit versions of your database drivers.

Unloading unused files from memory on AIX®

For installations on AIX, run the slibclean command that is included with your AIX installation to unload unused libraries from the memory before you run the installer in the upgrade mode.

Note: You must run the slibclean command as a root user.

Starting the web application server

When the JDBC drivers in WebLogic are used for migration, the web application server on which the new version of the Interact runtime server is deployed must always run to provide access to the database drivers.