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These configuration properties are for tuning the database.



The UpdateSessionTableStatistics parameter adds a query for updating statistics of the PCT, RC, and POA tables during a Contact Optimization session run. You can tune this parameter at the session level without affecting other sessions. Keeping up-to-date index statistics can help improve the performance of the query on these tables. This parameter is also present in the global configuration settings of Contact Optimization.

Depending on your database, the method to write a query to update statistics varies.

Use following value to update statistics of DB2® tables:
Note: If you use DB2 8 or below, you must write your own custom stored procedure for implementing the functionality that is similar to SYSPROC.ADMIN_CMD. Also, you can write your own stored procedure to update statistics and start it through the UpdateSessionTableStatistics parameter at run time to update statistics.
Use the following value to update statistics of Oracle tables:
analyze table <TABLE> compute statistics
Use the following value to update statistics of SQL Server tables:
Important: If you run this query, the database user in UA_SYSTEM_TABLES must have privileges to run query, which is mentioned in this UpdateSessionTableStatistics parameter. For the session to run successfully, the correct value must be passed or left blank. If the value passed is incorrect, then the session run fails.
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The AllowTempTables parameter creates temporary tables instead of database views, and populates them during the Contact Optimization session run. Enabling this parameter helps in improving run time performance of the Contact Optimization session run. For more information about this parameter, see Optimize a transaction query for performance improvements in the HCL® Contact Optimization Troubleshooting and Tuning Guide.

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