Unica Campaign upgrade worksheet

Before running acUpgradeTool, you must gather information about your Unica Campaign and Optimize installation.

Run the 12.1.7 installer for Campaign over 12.1 base.

Once, the installation is complete with no errors, update the setenv.sh/.bat file inside the 'upgrade' folder from default values to specific installation values for JAVA_HOME, CAMPAIGN_HOME, JDBC_Classpath, etc.

After 12.1.7, no need to update the setenv.sh/.bat file as the installer will not be replace with default values.

Gather the following information about your Unica Campaign and Optimize installation :

  • Fully qualified path of your Unica Campaign installation directory (CAMPAIGN_HOME in the setenv file)
  • For a multi-partition upgrade, the names of the partitions to be upgraded
  • Connection information for the target Campaign system (URL and port)
  • Connection type (JDBC) and location of the JAR files
  • Java class name for the JDBC driver
  • Additional properties required by the JDBC driver, if any
  • User name and password for the target system tables database
  • Catalog (or database) for the target system tables
  • Schema for the target system tables
  • Version of Unica Campaign you are upgrading from
  • Full or relative path of the Unica Campaign configuration file (campaign_configuration.xml). This file is located in the conf directory under your Unica Campaign installation.