Pre-upgrade check utility

Before you upgrade Unica Campaign, use the preUpgradeTool utility to identify any issues or inconsistencies in the file system and database. Running the utility is optional, but recommended.

The preUpgradeTool is installed at the same location as the acUpgradeTool. For Windows, the utility is named preUpgradeTool.bat. For other operating systems, the utility is named

The utility performs the following checks:

  • File existence check: Verifies the Unica Campaign home directory location. This directory must exist in the file system and be accessible to the utility. This check verifies that all files required for the upgrade, such as the database upgrade script and the configuration file, are available in this directory. If any of the files are not accessible, this check fails.
  • Configuration check: Verifies accessibility to campaign_configuration.xml, which is needed to upgrade the configuration. This task also checks if campaign_configuration.xml is a valid xml file. If it is corrupted, the task fails.
  • Platform Configuration accessibility check: Verifies whether the Unica Platform configuration is accessible.
  • Database upgrade check: Verifies whether the database details that you provided are valid. The utility accesses the database with your user credentials and verifies that the database includes the Unica Campaign system tables. This check also verifies whether you have Create, Drop, and Alter permissions in the database.
  • Unica Campaign and session ses file check: Each campaign, session, and flowchart has files of type ses associated with them. The .ses file stores system data that is related to the campaign, session, or flowchart. If a file is missing, the related object is not usable.


Before you run the preUpgradeTool, enter the environment details in the tools/upgrade/12.1+To12.1.7/setenv file under your Unica Campaign installation. The file extension is .bat (Microsoft Windows) or (other operating systems). You can then run the preUpgradeTool utility.

If you have a clustered web application environment, you must set the CLUSTERED_SHARED_PATH variable in the setenv file to the campaignSharedHome path that is defined in the Unica Platform configuration Affinium|Campaign|campaignClustering.

For Windows:
For Linux:

Process overview

Consider the following points about the Pre-upgrade check utility:

  1. The utility interactively requests information that is required for the upgrade, such as the location of CAMPAIGN_HOME and database details.
  2. After all of the details are collected, they are verified.
  3. The status of each validation step is displayed. All results are also logged.
  4. If all checks pass, a success message is displayed with an option to continue with the upgrade.
  5. All of the data that you provided is automatically passed to the upgrade script.

What to do next

After the Pre-upgrade check utility is completed, you have the option to continue with the upgrade. If you select Yes, the acUpgradeTool is called and the upgrade is started.

For example:

2017-08-07 14:51:29,314 INFO common.Prompter [480] - Pre upgrade finished successfully. 
Do you want to continue for Updrade tool?
Note: If you select Yes, you do not have to run the acUpgradeTool again separately.