Upgrade overview

An upgrade of Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize is complete when you upgrade, configure, and deploy and configure Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize. The Unica Campaign Upgrade Guide provides detailed information about upgrading, configuring, and deploying Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize.

Use the Upgrade roadmap section to obtain a broad understanding about using the Unica Campaign Upgrade Guide.

From v12.0 - Unica Campaign installer installs Unica Optimize. It would get installed by default with the installation of Unica Campaign. Although Optimize is getting installed by default with Campaign, you must install license to run Optimize sessions. Get in touch with technical support team to get Optimize licenses.

In v12.1 - Campaign listener supports execution of Campaign flowcharts as well as Optimize sessions. . While installing Campaign Analytical Server (Listener) - user could select the choice what type of listener to install
  • Run Optimize session only
  • Run Campaign flowcharts
  • Run Optimize Session and Campaign flowcharts