Running acUpgradeTool

To upgrade Unica Campaign, run acUpgradeTool after you run the installers in the upgrade mode.

Before you begin

To successfully run acUpgradeTool, verify the following information:
  • The setenv file is customized with the information that the upgrade tool requires.
  • The upgrade tools are installed on the computer where you run them. If your setup is distributed, the tools must be installed on the computer where the Unica Campaign web application is installed. If you did not install the upgrade tools during the Unica Campaign installation, run the installer again and select only the Upgrade Tools option.
  • The appropriate database client executable file (db2, osql, or sqlplus) for the Unica Campaign system tables data source is accessible in the PATH of the user who runs the upgrade tool.
Complete the following steps before you run the upgrade tool:
  1. Run the Unica Campaign installer in upgrade mode.
  2. Redeploy Unica Campaign.
  3. Restart RCT if you are using Unica Deliver.
  4. Modify the SQL script if required, and gather information to enter when you run the tool.

About this task

  • If your setup has Campaign in one machine and Listener in another machine, do not run the acUpgradeTool on both machines as you will see duplication errors.
  • If you have multiple partitions, you must configure and run the upgrade tool once for each partition.


Complete the following actions to run acUpgradeTool and complete the upgrade process:
  1. Start the web application server on the target system and the Campaign web application.
  2. Make sure that the Unica Campaign listener is stopped.

    Stop the Unica Campaign utilities (unica_*) that might be running. For instructions, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.

  3. Run the upgrade tool in the path where you installed Unica Campaign, Campaign_Home/tools/upgrade/12.1 To 12.1.7/acUpgradeTool
  4. Enter the requested information at the prompts to upgrade your system tables for the new version of Unica Campaign.
  5. Complete one of the following steps to restart the Unica Campaign listener:
    • On Windows, run the cmpServer.bat file in the bin directory under your Unica Campaign installation.
    • On UNIX, run the following command as root:

      ./rc.unica_ac start

What to do next

Complete the following steps after you have run acUpgradeTool:
  1. Restart the Unica Campaign listener, also known as the server.
  2. If you are using Deliver, restart the RCT.

    To restart the RCT manually, use the rct start command. The RCT script is in the bin directory under your Unica Deliver installation.

    To restart the RCT every time you restart the operating system of the machine where the RCT is installed, add the RCT as a service. For instructions, see The MKService_rct script.

    Note: When you restart the RCT as a service, you must manually restart the RCT the first time.