Running segmentUpgrade Tool

Run segmentUpgrade Tool separately for each partition, after doing table mapping in respective partition.The utility scans all the session files available in campaign and session directory in specified partition. It updates internal references used to display segment update alert


Complete the following actions to run segmentUpgrade Tool:

  1. Start the web application server on the target system and the Campaign web application.
  2. Script modification

    [On Windows]

    edit "segmentUpgrade.bat" and replace "%SCRIPT_DIR%\unica_acsesutil.exe" with "%CAMPAIGN_HOME%\bin\unica_acsesutil.exe"

    [On Linux]

    edit "" and replace "${SCRIPT_DIR}/unica_acsesutil" with "${CAMPAIGN_HOME}/bin/unica_acsesutil"

  3. Run the upgrade tool in the path where you installed Unica Campaign, ${CAMPAIGN_HOME}/tools/upgrade/12.1+To12.1.7/segmentUpgrade

    e.g. segmentUpgrade.bat partition1 -u asm_admin -p ""

    Note: If any of .ses file/flowcharts have issues while processing, list of those flowchart will appear at the end of the segmentUpgrade tool run. While running this tool, if user stops the segmentUpgrade tool run then in the next run it will resume where it left.
    Note: On Windows, upon completion of script run, you might see below error on screen, which can be ignored.

    FINDSTR: Cannot open unprocess.txt

    Below 0 lines are the unprocessed session files

    The system cannot find the file specified.