Unica Deliver Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) script

Use this script to run and check the status of the Response and Contact Tracker (RCT).

This script is located in the bin directory under your Unica Deliver installation. The Unica Deliver directory is a sub-directory in the Unica Campaign directory.

In UNIX or Linux environments run the script as rct.sh.

In Windows, run the script from the command line as rct.bat.


rct [ start | stop | check ]



Start the RCT


Stop the RCT



Check the status of the connection between the RCT and HCL Unica.


  • To start the RCT on Windows.

    rct.bat start

  • To stop the RCT on Windows.

    rct.bat stop

  • In a Linux environment, to determine if the RCT is connected to HCL Unica.

    rct.sh check

    Depending on the status of your system, the output of this command might look like this:

    C:\<UNICA_HOME>\Campaign\Deliver\bin>rct check
    Testing config and connectivity for partition partition1
    Succeeded | Partition: partition1 - Hosted Services Account ID: