The MKService_rct script

The MKService_rct script adds or removes the Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) as a service. Adding the RCT as a service restarts the RCT every time you restart the computer where you have installed the RCT. Removing the RCT as a service prevents the RCT from restarting automatically.

This script is located in the bin directory under your Unica Deliver installation.

In UNIX or Linux environments run with a user that has root permissions or permissions to create daemon processes.

In Windows, run the script from the command line as MKService_rct.bat.


MKService_rct -install

MKService_rct -remove



Add the RCT as a service


Remove the RCT service


  • To add the RCT as a Windows service.

    MKService_rct.bat -install

  • To remove the RCT service on UNIX or Linux. -remove