Using the client API .jar to call Unica Campaign services

Unica Campaign provides a client API that uses SOAP web services to interact with the Unica Campaign web application. This wrapper is bundled into a .jar file that the client application can use to call the Unica Campaign API.

The .jar file can be found at:

<CAMPAIGN_HOME>/devkits/CampaignServicesAPI/lib/ CampaignServicesClient30.jar

The following example shows new offer creation at the root Offer folder level in Unica Campaign. The same sample can be found at:


Note: The example uses some dummy values for the parameters; your actual values might differ.

Also, the URL for Unica Campaign web services is http://host:port/Campaign/services/CampaignServices30Service, where host and port refer to the host name and port number of the machine where the Unica Campaign web application is deployed.

If you use a provided sample, be sure to modify it to suit your client environment.