Performance considerations

The current CampaignServices API implementation performance profile is similar to that of the application as experienced through the GUI. Some APIs are designed explicitly for performance. In particular, the listCampaignsByPage() API allows for relatively efficient pagination.

The SOAP interface, by its nature, introduces latency and overhead because all data is converted into XML form, which in some cases is fairly verbose. For example, a simple loopback SOAP call can take 100 ms on a typical network (Java 1.4.x was even slower). The API is optimized for typical portal and other client application business use cases, such as see listOffersByPage(), so SOAP performance should be adequate.

However, the client must take care that it does not place too high a burden on normal CampaignServices servicing of Web user requests. In general, it is expected that an API user's processing needs do not exceed those of a typical Unica Campaign web user.