Using the WSDL to call Unica Campaign services

Unica Campaign services can be called by using the Unica Campaign web services WSDL file: CampaignServices30.wsdl.

The CampaignServices30.wsdl file can be found at:


or in the Unica Campaign distribution at:


The client Java application must use the classes and stubs that are generated from the WSDL by using any third-party WSDL-to-Java converter tool. recommends the use of Apache AXIS.

The javadocs that are created from stubs and classes that are generated from WSDL by using Apache AXIS2 can be found at:


Note: All dependent.jar files must be included in the Java classpath. TheCampaignServicesClient30.jar file is dependent on Apache AXIS2 SOAP engine.jar files and other common Apache.jar files, which can be found in the Campaign.war file that is at <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/Campaign.war. Extract the.jar files from Campaign.war, and include them in the Java classpath.