(String userCredential, String partitionName, Locale requestedLocale,
WSReference wsReference, boolean allowCreate,
boolean clearExisting, WSAttribute[] wsStaticAttributes,
WSAttribute[] wsHiddenAttributes,WSAttribute[] wsParametricAttributes)
 throws CampaignServicesException 																							

Updates attributes of templates specified


userCredential: the client user credential.

partitionName: optional name of the campaign partition to use.

requestedLocale: optional locale to use for this request.

wsCampaignReference: reference of the parent campaign.

allowCreate: not used now.

clearExisting: flag if set true, all earlier values in the template that are not sent in request are cleared.

wsStaticAttributes: list of static attributes in the template.

wsHiddenAttributes: list of hidden attributes in the template.

wsParametricAttributes: list of parametric attributes in the template.




Throws CampaignServicesException if the offer template does not exist or the reference is invalid or no references provided.