SOAP API methods: Target cells

Target cells are an abstraction for some known subsets of campaign results that are managed by Unica Campaign as a Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS). Target cells may be global to a campaign or may be associated with a particular campaign flowchart.

The Unica Campaign SOAP API supports the following operations on target cells:
  • create one or more new global target cells
  • bulk update one or more existing target cells
  • discovery (listing of target cells)
  • attribute create, read, and update (via attribute APIs)
  • delete an existing target cell
  • fetch run results that are associated with one or more cells

Target cells have a number of standard attributes that are associated with them that are exposed by the API. This list can be extended at will by the client by adding custom attribute metadata definitions (see the Attributes APIs). Each attribute metadata can be thought of as a column in the TCS; the layout of the spreadsheet is up to the client.

Standard target cell attributes are:
  • uacName: cell name.
  • uacDescription: optional string that describes the flowchart.
  • uacCellCode: a code string that uniquely identifies the cell. Typically auto-generated by Unica Campaign, but may be provided by the client.
  • uacCreateDate: a Calendar instance that gives the date & time when the cell was created by the server.
  • uacUpdateDate: a Calendar instance that defines when the last time the cell was updated by the server.
  • uacIsControl: a boolean that indicates whether this is a control cell (true) or not (false). Other cells may refer to this cell as a control cell (see uacControlCell).
  • uacControlCell: optional reference of the control cell (not allowed if a control cell). See uaclsControl attribute.
  • uacIsApproved: a boolean that indicates whether the cell is approved (true) or not (false).
  • uacIsReadOnly: a boolean that indicates whether the cell is read-only (true) or not (false).
  • uacDisplayOrder: an integer that gives the order of this cell (row) relative to others in the target cell spreadsheet.
  • uacIsTopDown: a boolean that indicates whether the cell is top-down.
  • uacAssignedOffers: an optional array of one or more references of offers or offer lists assigned to this cell (not allowed if a control cell).
  • uacFlowchartName: optional name of flowchart that this cell is linked to (read-only-must be set through the Unica Campaign GUI; not allowed if a control cell).
  • uacFlowchartId: optional database identifier for the flowchart that this cell is linked to (read-only as above).