Generating cells in a flowchart

When you run a data manipulation process in a flowchart, the process generates one or more cells as output. A cell is a list of IDs. The generated output can be used as input into downstream processes.

Data manipulation processes include Select, Merge, Segment, Sample, Audience, and Extract. When you run a configured process, one or more cells are created as the output. The number of cells that is generated depends on the type of process and its configuration details. For example, you can configure and then run a Select process to generate an output cell of high-income households. You can use that cell as input into a Segment process to divide the contacts by age. The resulting output from the Segment process would be multiple cells, segmented into age groups.

If your organization uses top-down management to define campaigns, you can link output cells in a flowchart to placeholder target cells that were defined in the Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS®). In this way, the Unica Campaign designer generates output that meets the goals that are defined in the TCS®.