Known issues

The following table lists the known issues in Unica Centralized Offer Management
Issue ID Description
HMA-320809 On the JBoss application server, unica.ear is not getting properly deployed as it is getting issues when using features of Centralized Offer Management.
HMA-320633 Some messages related to the new features, introduced in, are not localized and are displayed in the English language.
HMA-320628 Server start-up issue in OneDB with the flag -DUNICA_PLATFORM_CACHE_ENABLED=true. The issue is applicable only for OneDB database. Customers having OneDB can use the application without this flag.

If customers were using Plan for offer management, and if they unknowingly added IP ID and IP name in the Static attributes section, the Plan team, from onwards, has addressed this issue by automatically moving all such attributes to Parameterized attributes section. If such customers decide to move their offer management capability to Centralized Offer Management, a blank IP ID value will be shown as zero and the blank IP name will remain blank. However, the Save button is enabled, which should not happen.

HMA-320546 Attribute internal name and template name are case insensitive in some databases. In such databases, if you use the same name but in different cases, duplicate name error will not appear. For example, an error will not appear if you use "TemplateName", "Templatename", or "templatename". We recommend that you avoid using duplicate names.
HMA-320137 If a user defines a multi-level dependency between attributes (more than 2 levels), changing the value of topmost parent refreshes the option only at immediate child level.