New features and changes in version

Unica Centralized Offer Management is centralized solution for Unica customers for creating and managing offers and using it across Unica's suite of products. As a strategy, the future requirements of Unica customers, related to the offer management, will be made available using the Unica Centralized Offer Management application.

For the release, Unica Centralized Offer Management is not mandatory. Customers upgrading to can still use the existing offer management capability that they are using. However, customers using Unica Campaign's offer management capability and Unica Plan's offer management capability are strongly advised to evaluate, and switch, to the Unica Centralized Offer Management.

The following list mentions the new features, and the changes to existing features, inUnica Centralized Offer Management

New capabilities
  • Introduced support for Offer validation plugin and Java-based custom code generator plugin.
  • Introduced support for content preview for the Picker - URL attribute.
  • Introduced support for offer integration with digital assets from Unica Deliver Content Library.
  • Introduced creation of dependency between Select box - Database attributes.
  • Introduced support for offers migrated from Unica Plan.
  • Introduced capability to edit offer name after Duplicate Offer.
New platforms supported
  • Introduced support for HCL OneDB as system database.
  • Introduced support for WAS
Improved user experience
Improved performance
  • Introduced support to client SDK using HTTPClient for the offer management REST API
Integration with Content Management System
  • Introduced support for a new third-party CMS, HCL DX Media Library, in Unica Content Integration.
  • Introduced support to search content types like archives, audio, documents, and videos from an external CMS using Unica Content Integration.
  • Introduced support to map content metadata, from third-party CMS, to offer attributes.