Fixed Defects

The following table lists the fixed defects in Unica Centralized Offer Management

Table 1. Defects fixed in 12.1.03
Issue ID Description
HMA-317894 Internal server error was displayed when editing a template that had Select box - Database attributes under the static attributes section.
HMA-316233 Partition ID was getting changed from Partition2 to Partition1 on the Add offer list screen, when a Partition2 user tried to save a Static Offer list or Smart Offer list in Unica Plan.
HMA-315993 No horizontal scroll bar in the Restriction tab of the Smart Offer list creation Folder.
HMA-315984 When Select box - Database attribute was used in the Static attributes section or the Hidden attributes section of offers or templates, the used key value did not exist in the database table. The behavior of the key value in the Parameterized attributes section was the expected behavior.
HMA-315812 Client SDK call failed for the getIdsByNames API.
HMA-315780 On the Edit offers screen, user could rearrange saved attributes in the Parameterized attributes section.
HMA-315767 Creating offers or updating offers with Select box - Database attribute caused performance degradation under load.
HMA-315663 Template name tag and huge template name was not properly aligned in the Offer summary screen.
HMA-314815 Plan template was accepting IP ID and IP name in the Static attributes section. After migration to Centralized Offer Management, the template did not show the values with this bad data.
HMA-314786 Decimal places of Plan attributes of type Money were not migrated correctly to Centralized Offer Management.