What's new in IBM® Traveler

IBM® Traveler 9.0.1 delivers the following new features for its supported devices. The IBM Connections Cloud Traveler Service has been upgraded to IBM® Traveler, delivering new features for its supported devices and for the service.

Support for IBM Verse on Android devices

IBM Verse for Android devices is now available. You can start using it to:
  • See mail from people important to you
  • Set people you interact with often as Important
  • Manage items that need follow up
  • Track who owes you a response and when
  • Work with your calendar seamlessly
  • Interact with all of your contacts
You can download IBM Verse for Android devices from the Google Play store. For more information on using IBM Verse for Android, refer to Using IBM Verse on an Android device Frequently Asked Questions.
Note: IBM Verse for Android will only be available through the Google Play store and select MDM providers. The IBM Traveler client will remain available from the IBM Traveler server to support Android devices running the 2.x or 3.x OS.

Attendee status displays for meeting chair

Attendee status for an event is now shown for the meeting chair. Invitees to a meeting will still only see the list of Required and Optional invitees.

Marking IBM Verse contacts as Important

You can now designate contacts as Important people when using the IBM Verse server. This can be done through the long-press or swipe menus of a contact in the list of contacts, or from the contact editor. Important contacts have a blue star by the contact name.

The At-Glance widget displays when receiving new mail from "Important to me" contacts

When IBM Notes Traveler is connected to an IBM Verse environment, it is now able to sync your Verse "Important to me" contacts. Mail from these contacts can be accessed from the Important to Me bar in the widget. If you are not connected to a Verse environment, your "Important to me" contacts are only stored on the device and are not synced.

  • Only IBM Notes Traveler contacts can be marked as "Important to me." This can be done from the Contacts list or by editing a contact.
  • A contact must have a mail address in order to be marked as "Important to me."
  • Most recently marked contacts are ordered above older contacts.

Actions app on Android Verse

IBM Verse for Android now includes a new "Actions" application for displaying Action Items. Action Items are created from sent or received mail. You can mark mail as an item that you need to take action on and provide a date by which it needs to be done. You can also mark sent mail as an item that you are waiting for a response on and provide a due date. The recipient is not notified that you have marked the item as an Action Item or provided the due date.

For more information, refer to How do I create action items for mail messages?.