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IBM Traveler provides automatic, two-way, over-the-air syncing between IBM® Domino® servers and wireless handheld devices, including Android devices, and select mobile devices running the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, such as Apple, Windows™ Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices. IBM Traveler syncs mail, calendar and address book data in real time. On some select clients, To Do and Journal data are also synchronized.
What's new in IBM® Traveler
The IBM Traveler service has been upgraded to IBM® Traveler, delivering new features for its supported devices and for the service.
Information on planning, installing, configuring, and administering IBM Traveler.
Planning for installation and configuration
There are many installation and configuration considerations you should review before installing the IBM Traveler server.
Installing the IBM Traveler server
The following topics describe options for installing and uninstalling the server:
Configuring IBM Traveler server
The IBM Traveler configuration settings are part of the Domino® server document. The first time that the IBM Traveler server is started, it performs any necessary configurations. You might want to perform additional configurations beyond the basics. The following topics describe additional configuration options.
Administering IBM Traveler
The IBM Traveler server component functions as a Domino® server add-in task and responds to Domino server console commands. Topics in this section describe common administrative tasks for administering a IBM Traveler server.
Information for using both IBM Traveler and IBM Verse.
Using IBM Traveler
Information on configuring and using IBM Traveler with Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices.
Using IBM Verse Mobile
You can bring many of the capabilities of IBM Verse mobile – See Important People, manage tasks that Need Action, and act quickly on top items – to your Android or iOS device.
Using IBM Verse desktop
Information on configuring and using IBM Verse for desktop computers.
This section provides helpful troubleshooting tips, known limitations, and restrictions.
Troubleshooting tips
This topic leads to troubleshooting tips for the IBM Traveler and the devices that are used with it.
Known limitations and restrictions
This topic leads to known restrictions and limitations for IBM Traveler by device type.
Gathering log files for support
This section contains related IBM Traveler links. It also contains instructions on gathering log files to assist IBM Traveler Support in helping you resolve server and device problems.
More information and requesting IBM® support
This topic contains links to IBM Traveler information, resources, and support.