This topic describes troubleshooting tips for common TOTP setup issues.


Unable to configure a client to Traveler

  • Make sure that you can login to the Traveler home page from the mobile browser.
  • Make sure you are using a supported client. TOTP authentication is only supported with the HCL Verse clients. For more information, see HCL Verse Client Setup for TOTP.
  • Ensure that the Traveler endpoint has a valid SSL certificate. The HCL Verse clients do not work with a self-signed certificate.

Behavior for clients that do not support TOTP authentication

Mobile applications, including older HCL Verse mobile apps, may be able to continue accessing a Traveler endpoint configured for TOTP as long as the clients are configured with a valid http user id and password. The mobile applications will not display the TOTP form to the end user. Users of these mobile applications may experience setup issues or intermittent failures for an existing account due to not recognizing the TOTP authentication form for an authentication challenge. It is recommended that only clients that support TOTP be configured for an endpoint enabled for TOTP authentication.