Removing a server from a High Availability pool

A HCL Traveler High Availability (HA) pool is a group of servers that are all configured to use the same enterprise database.

This database contains a table used to track the servers that are participating in an HA pool (see Configuring HCL Traveler for enterprise database). A server becomes part of the HA pool by adding itself to this table when it is started. If a server is offline for 24 hours, it will automatically be removed from the table by the other servers that are still active. As a result, if you want to remove a server from the pool, simply take it offline, uninstall it or configure it to use a different database, either stand-alone or a different enterprise database.

Once a server is offline, the entry for it can be removed from the table without waiting the 24 hour period for it to be automatically removed. This can be done by issuing the command tell traveler hadr delete <serverName> from the console of an active server to delete the unwanted server. You should also update the network configuration and/or IP Sprayer to no longer route requests to the removed server.

Note: A server can be reconfigured back to a stand-alone server by using the travelerUtil utility and issuing the db remove command. This command removes the enterprise database credentials and reconfigures the HCL Traveler server to use Derby in a stand-alone configuration.