Domino® mail clustering

By default, The HCL Traveler service detects mail file replicas by reading the replica entries in the HCL Domino® cluster directory database (cldbdir.nsf) on the mail server of the user. This database must grant at least reader access to the HCL Traveler server or servers (in an HA pool). Otherwise, the HCL Traveler server never fails over the connection to an alternate server for mobile users if their primary Domino® mail server is down. If configured, the HCL Traveler service will look for an instance of the user's mail file on the Traveler server ahead of what is specified in the cluster directory.

For more information on affecting how the Traveler server builds the mail file list for a user, see the setting NTS_MAIL_SERVERS_ALGORITHM in Notes.ini settings.

See Console commands for information on the HCL Traveler MailReplicas command for displaying and updating the HCL Traveler servers view of a user's mail replica information.

Server settings - user access (HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook)

Each HTMO user who accesses the Traveler server must have:
  • A mail replica on the Traveler server.
  • The user's Notes® ID must be in an ID Vault- if you are not currently using ID vault, set one up.