Capacity planning guidelines

This section provides guidance on capacity planning for various deployment configurations of the HCL Traveler server. It also touches on best practices for monitoring capacity.

The capacity numbers provided should be taken as a guide only, as each customer environment is unique and can have higher or lower capacity than described here. It is important to monitor the CPU, memory, and disk usage of the Traveler environment regularly and adjust capacity up or down as appropriate.

There are a number of different factors to consider when planning for capacity for HCL Traveler. Each of these factors is discussed in detail.
  • Physical vs. virtual hardware
  • Number of CPUs
  • Physical RAM availability
  • Disk storage configuration
  • Enterprise database configuration (HA Environments only)
  • Network and geography
  • Co-location with other Domino applications
  • Number of mobile devices
  • Type of mobile device user
  • Theoretical device capacity limits
  • Monitoring for capacity